Small Acts of Self Care

Dear friends,

Like ” random acts of kindness” can bring about a good feeling, ” small acts of self care” can enhance your sense of well being.

We are brainwashed to think it’s the big diet or the big house, the next vacation that will be the end all thing to make us feel “ok”. And they might for a brief time.
However regular deposits in your health over a sustained time is what’s truly lasting. I can attest to that at 67.
Not that new things might present challenges and they will, but getting into the regular habit of making “small acts of self care” with conscious awareness can reduce anxiety and fear, minimize panic attacks, worry, increase creativity, clarity, and reduce resisitance to the flow and rythm of life- your life and life around you. Many years ago I heard intuitively that ” regularity” is the key to good health.
Being regular about something does not  mean it needs to rigid . Like the sun has many colors when it sets and is always different, the moon’s phases wax and wain, we too can develop rituals unique to our own self and routine.

Here are five key small acts of self care that can easily be incorporated into your day:

1. Look up at the sky and remember the big picture. It might be in a moment when you are feeling anxious or without an answer to something. Looking at something far away can distract the mind from being caught up in it’s knots. Read more here about the joy of looking up.

2. Connect with nature.
Studies show that regular connection to nature through walks, bird watching, or gardening can enhance mood, creativity, and self esteem. Allow yourself to gaze at the mountains or trees, enjoying the flowers and feel the sun on your face. With awareness of your step, gaze , and listening to the sounds around, a sense of aliveness, clarity and creativity can increase.

3. Cook something, bake something.
Both of these can feel very relaxing and feel emotionally balancing. It’s also a great way to begin to eat healthier. Not a cook? Choose something easy like a one pot soup or crock pot recipe. You’ll be surprised at the results.

4. Take an epsom salt bath.
A cup or two of epsom salts in an evening bath relaxes the body for a good night’s sleep and is a  great way to add magnesium to your routine. I like to dash a few drops of lavendar into the bath or rose oil for a spa like feeling. The warm water can soothe your muscles and bring a sense of letting go and relaxation well needed after a long day.

5. Have a cup of tea with your feet up.
One of the simplest things to reset, restore and feel abit renewed is to sit with a cup of tea, like Holy Basil for example while putting your feet up. I always feel like this helps my adrenals. It makes you stop, listen and relax.

You’ve probably heard of these things again and again ( and there are plenty more), but doing it with “awareness’ and “self love” is different than just getting in a car and driving.
It’s the bringing of your attention to these simple acts that makes the real impact.
As women we don’t need a ntoher laundry list of things to do. We need ourselves, our own inner home to come home to.

I’m all about self care. Please join me. If you make it matter it matters regardless of what “success” or “accomplishments” are measured by in the external world. It starts within , with awareness and attention and self  love as a priority. These feminine values are much needed right now to keep us in balance and remind us of the sweetness of life.

with fierce love,