Weekly Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Everything that a woman experiences during pregnancy is directly transferred through her womb to the life being created inside. Therefore essential oils can be a beautiful way to create the balance of body and mind a woman needs to feel clear, connected and loving during pregnancy.

Massage , foot baths, compresses, inhalation, are just  a few ways to use essential oils during pregnancy.

Vata Type Pregnancy – May have anxiety, fear, indigestion, bloatedness and varicose veins. Best oils  for vata pregnancy are: lavender, clary sage, vetiver, rosewood, and ylang ylang.

Pitta Type Pregnancy- May tend toward bladder infections, irritation, anger, fatigue. Best oils for Pitta pregnancy are:sandalwood, chamomile, jasmine and rose.

Kapha Type Pregnancy- May have water retention, lethargy, craving for sweets and starches. Best oils for Kapha pregnancy are: geranium, rose, lavender, clary sage.

Two to three drops of each of the oils for your type may be used for a relaxing soak! Having a cool mist nebulizer to diffuse essential oils gives you the ultimate healing effects of aromatherapy!! ( Ah, it’s the best afternoon pick me up).

Reminder-Therapeutic grade essential oils are the best for using on the body. Young Living is one example of such high quality oils. I have used them in my practice for over fifteen years. See my website www.gedaliahhealingarts.com  under “services’ tab for more details.They are easy to carry with you and travel with! Just apply, apply, apply a few times a day.