Weekly Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Summer travel is almost upon us. While taking a vacation can be fun and exciting it can at the same time bring us out of balance. Especially traveling by air.

The rush and stress can create anxiety for vata which can result in a feeling of disconnect and a feeling of being ungrounded.  Calming , grounding oils will help to calm the spaciness and lightness air travel brings.
Vata types_ can rub down their bodies with sesame oil for at least three days prior to traveling with rosewood oil, lavender and vetiver. You may bring this mixture on the plane and go to the bathroom and rub some on your feet or back of the neck every three hours. Upon arrival, soak in an essential oils bath for grounding. Other helpful oils are cypress, geranium, angelica and sandalwood.

Pitta types tend to get irritable or angry from air travel. Long lines, waiting, taxi drivers and custom officials can cause a lack of patience. The rising heat of aggravation can cause skin inflammation to occur. Some cooling, calming oils like mint, lavender , chamomile and rose will keep anger and irritability to a  minimum.   Apply every three hours on the plane.

Kapha types will often experience swelling and water retention while traveling. Strips of cloth soaked in the following oils can aid kapha types and can even be kept in a zip lock bag in your handbag to be used on the plane. Oils such as rosemary, eucalyptus, juniper, thyme and basil can all help to minimize water retention as well as swelling.

Reminders- For Vata types eat root vegetables such as yams and sweet potatoes for grounding. Coffee and alcohol should be avoided by all on an airplane. For motion sickness you can use circular band aids behind the ear with lavender, ginger or fennel.

Just remember, soaking in essential oils is extremely balancing. Enjoy your trip!