Self Care- Cultivating Beauty Within

Self care is at the heart of Ayurveda, energy healing and holistic health for that matter.The external world and life’s demands lures us and takes us far away from daily routine, eating food that we’ve cooked, and simply staying with some of the daily rituals that we have cultivated. The physical body needs more than just exercise, pedicures, and facials. It houses our spirit nature which is already perfect, beautiful and a unique expression of divine consciousness Are you spending some time being with that part of yourself? Do you listen to the wisdom of your spirit?

The main thing is to have the “tools’ or ‘gems’ as I like to call them to bring us back to balance so that we can remember who we are. Like a gymnast on a tightrope who may lose their balance, we must cultivate the proper rituals for our mind/ body energy types  so that we can return to balance fairly easily. This is the beauty of ayurveda, proper herbs, foods,meditating, using essential oils, right thinking and most of all having a  clear perspective. We must till the soil of our inner being enough through these practices so that the fruits or gifts of who we are can grow and shine to everyone around us and to ourselves. This is why energy healing is so vital .. as it unravels the knots of emotions and  clears away the stress that has covered our ability to see clearly.

For some of us happiness is simply “allowing” ourselves to “be” creative. For others it’s spending time in the garden in the “awe” of creation. For me, making a meal and being creative with the colors tastes and herbs brings a sense of appreciation and fun to my every day life. Taking out my paints and priming a canvas is a simple joy that permeates my day.   Offering Marma therapy allows me to share my gifts with others.Whatever that is for you don’t wait til tomorrow to turn your attention within to the beauty that is already there and unique to you.  You just have to recognize it!!