Weekly Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

In Ayurvedic wisdom, having strong “agni’ or gastric fire is vital to receiving nourishment and assimilation from the food we eat.

For all three energy types to kindle agni it is good to chew some fresh ginger before  a meal. Avoid cold drinks please such as ice cold smoothies. Rather take small sips of hot water during the day. This will also help to loosen toxins.

As I reflect on my grandmother’s health who lived til 95,  I remember the jars of cooked fruit she would make on a regular basis. Cooked apples, strawberries, prunes and whatever she got from the farm market. She did not have an elimination problem nor did she have a problem focusing. She was strong as an ox until she died. She also included bone broths in her diet, fish which she filleted herself as well as walking everywhere she went in New York. So take the age old wisdom of your grandmothers health and apply it. To make it Ayurvedic style, I simply add “ghee” to my cooked fruit in the crock pot, a stick of cinnamon, some cardamon  a little salt and a little water. Nothing like a warm  fresh fruit compote on a wheat free waffle..

We should enjoy our food!

til next week,