Weekly Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Exercise is in the air with Spring upon us!

Vata energy types do well with walking, swimming and yoga postures, more quiet exercises. (But you see them in spinning classes because they like the movement.) Yoga postures which stretch the abdomen are good for vata- like twisting poses.

Pitta energy types do well with swimming to “cool’ their energy and yoga postures such as “moon salutation”.

Kapha energy types can do strenuous exercise such as jogging, tennis, biking, aerobics. But they don’t like to these things. Sun Salutations are good for Kapha and any chest opening postures in yoga.

Reminder: Ayurveda recommends exercising up to one half your capacity as straining energy depletes life force. After exercise one can drink fresh coconut water ( see picture below) to replenish minerals.

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