Weekly Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

ayurvedic medicine atlantaHonoring yourSelf and being in harmony with the environment and those around you is at the heart of Ayurvedic wisdom. By making choices that are “beneficial” you honor yourSelf. Simply doing what you “want” and what you always do will not give you the balance and good health you are seeking.

For Vata types- who tend to keep moving and doing, simply take time to put your feet up for ten minutes with a cup of tea and inhale some of your favorite essential oils. This will bring calm to body and mind. You know you need to slow down!!

For Pitta types- who tend to be competitive and tireless workers, consider taking your lunch outside and enjoy the sense of “being” that nature brings. You know you need to chill!!

For Kapha types- while you are busy thinking about whether to do this or that, which will be best, which will be worst, consider just taking one simple step now- you know you need to take “action” so get moving!!

Reminder- Nurture YourSelf by feeling appreciation for those around you and for what you have. It takes effort to exercise a grateful heart. It’s all how you see it.

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