Weekly Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Just drove back from a fun weekend at the beach and was inspired by the smells and beautiful sights that were present there. The sound of the waves, the color of the water, the sunset in the sky all engulfed my being . In Ayurveda, each of the five senses is related to the five elements. Sound and hearing are related to space, color and sight to fire and taste to water, aroma to earth and touch to air.

Aromas from essential oils of flowers, plants, trees and grasses all effect the emotional part of the brain and can directly balance or imbalance the doshas. They can either be heating, cooling or neutral.

Here are some suggestions :

For balancing Vata use warming, grounding oils like angelica, lavendar, vetiver, sacred mountain (a young living oil).

For balancing Pitta- cooling oils such as khus, sandalwood, and mint. Jasmine and rose are also beneficial.

For balancing Kapha- use stimulating oils like eucalyptus, rosemary, sage.

Reminder to oil your body in the morning BEFORE showering by giving yourself a  massage from feet to head.. add your favorite essential oil to a carrier oil like sesame, almond, or coconut oil. Then shower and towel dry. This ancient ritual is not only good for the skin but also protects the immune system.

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Just have fun and follow your nose..