Weekly Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Nature is gifting us with color everywhere!

The vibratory energy of color may be used to help establish balance in our minds and bodies both from the clothing we wear to our surroundings.

Here are a  few suggestions to use color for healing.

For Vata Types- Warm pastels, warming red and orange, and bright yellows help to support the blood and nerve tissue as well as promote understanding and intelligence. Avoid dark colors such as black, brown and dark blue.

For Pitta Types- Cooling blues and greens brings calm to body and mind. Purple is especially good as it can bring about the awakening of awareness and a feeling of lightness in the body.

For Kapha Types- Lively colors such as red, orange and silver are beneficial as they minimize the lethargy and heaviness of kapha which leads them to depression, water retention and overweight.

Reminder- Spring can aggravate kapha dosha with it’s allergic reactions to pollen. Making a tea of equal parts cumin, coriander and fennel is good to include in your daily rituals. Make a thermos full and sip throughout the day!

Til next week.. Gedalia