Three Key Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

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It’s hot, it’s humid and the heat can feel exhausting at times. The heat outside can affect the heat inside, a key prinicipal of Ayurveda. Our environment directly influences our state of health both internally and physically. Summer is called ” Pitta” in Ayurvedic terms , the fire that governs our digestion and metabolism. Also as travel returns to our lives you may find that eating out more often, walking in the heat can disturb digestion. I have found this to be true in my own life visitng family in NY. I began to feel acid reflux, something I have not confronted in my own health and immediately turned to aloe vera juice for help. It worked.

These are three key benefits of aloe vera juice:

1. The aloe plant is very water dense so it’s an ideal way to address dehydation. Yes, coconut water, cucumber water as well but aloe vera juice packs hefty nutrients that optimize your body’s organ output. Your kidneys and liver are responsible for your body’s detoxing pathways and aloe juice helps to keep them healthy. Consider drinking an ounce or two after a workout instead of gatorade.

2. Drinking aloe vera juice as I experienced can offer relief rom heartburn/stomach acidity. It’s “cooling” nature is just what’s needed during the summer heat.

3. Digestive benefits is another reason to consider drinking aloe vera juice. Whatever the season, the ernzymes in aloe vera juice help breakdown sugars and fats to keep your digestion running smoothly. If your digestive system isn’t operating optimally it won’t break down all the nutreints from the foods you are eating.

There are many more benefits to drinking loe vera juice, supporting a healthy immune system, assists in normal muscle and joint function, enhances antioxidant support, and reduces toxic levels of nitrates.

What kind?
I prefer ” Lakewood” brand – whole leaf aloe vera juice. On the raod, I could not find that brand so I tried ” Lily of the Valley”, around for over 50 years.

How much should I drink?
One or two ounces a few times a day is ideal.

The aloe “gel”can be used on the skin for rashes, acne,  and sunburn. You can simply cut a fresh aloe leaf and squeeze the gel out to directly apply to the skin.

Love this plant with all it’s incredible benefits. This plant is even being studied for stem cell use because of it’s regenerative qualities to the cells. Amazing!

Stay cool, stay calm, indulge in self care. You are worthy!!!

with fierce love,