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Have you ever wondered why two children from the same parents can be totally different? Why some of us like red and others prefer blue? Why do some of us like to dance and others like martial arts? Here are some clues.

The nature of the mind is expressed differently in Ayurveda vs. science. Although Ayurveda is considered a vast healing science and holistic system of health, it’s roots come from the Vedas; ancient Indian texts that revealed the nature of a human being. The goal, to heal, integrate and make whole; body, mind and spirit.
What is the nature of our being according to Ayurveda? Consciousness. When consciousness became conscious of itself we become individualized ( prakruti). When you take apart a human body you may find the same parts, bones, tendons, muscles organs etc. but at the soul level we are each an individual expression of consciousness. ( Article on Consciousness and Science

That consciousness in Ayurveda can be understood through the “doshas”- the word “dosha” means “uniqueness”. Doshas have been described as a natural intelligence that is flowing through each tissue, each cell of the body, making a beautiful connection between your mind, your soul, your senses and your physical body. In addition, doshas have contributing influence on the mind and in particular will affect whether the mind will be disturbed or balanced.

A person with a sensitive nervous system such as a Vata type will become disturbed drinking too much coffee, avoiding daily routines and eating raw food regularly. They become balanced with daily rituals, oiling the body, creative outlets and utilizing their intuition.  A Pitta type, naturally driven to accomplish a lot will become disturbed with overthinking, eating too much spicy food, not getting enough sleep and not taking time to “chill”. They become balanced around water/ocean, taking showers, making time for gratitude and getting good sleep. Kapha types become disturbed with laziness, lethargy and hoarding things. They become balanced through exertion in exercise, eating smaller portions which are light in nature, and through loving relationships.

 We are each a unique expression of consciousness also taking into account our parents, grandparents and ancestral lineages. It’s complex and yet interesting to turn our attention within and watch the broadcasting news!

How do we explore our true nature?
One way is to practice lifestyle habits that promote balance and are in harmony with the season, which we can do through knowing our dosha or energy type. A simple example is eating warm foods in cooler weather and lighter foods like salads when it’s hot, not the other way around. To learn more about your individual dosha and how to stay balanced try my “Holistic Lifestyle Consult” – 80 minutes of listening and mapping out a personalized plan to increased vitality and optimal weight.

  Another way is practice meditation- a practice that connects us to our inner core which is divine in nature and allows us to witness and experience aspects of ourselves from a broader vantage point.  This process not only reduces stress but ignites a process of “self inquiry”- into the nature of our own self.
Read my recently published article in the  Well Being Journal-” Health and Healing with Meditation”, pg 30.

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Another is the practice of “hatha yoga” which connects mind/body and breath. Yoga poses still the mind, strengthen the physical body and challenge our balancing abilities.

 And lastly, Marma therapy- Ayurveda’s energy healing therapy. Gently pressing Marma points can have powerful physical and energetic effects on the body and are useful for balancing all three doshas. There are 107 of these energy gateways on the body, and when they become blocked, the flow of prana becomes compromised, and symptoms of discomfort and disease can follow.
Each Marma point is considered a point of consciousness where mind, memory and emotions exist. While the scientific approach to mind is located in the head/brain, this knowledge is changing.

You may or may not know that I practice Marma therapy with clients all over the country. After attending a four year school on the human energy field and consciousness I was drawn to study Ayurveda and Marma therapy. I began practicing with Dr. Tazneem Bhatia in Brookhaven Georgia for almost eight years. Marma therapy is a wonderful compliment to other integrative therapies such as acupuncture , cranial sacral therapy and other Ayurvedic Spa treatments such as Shirodara ( oiling the third eye) and abhyanga oil massage. It has stood out from many other energy modalities I’ve studied as it can change one’s perception, awaken spiritual energy and even creativity. I love to share Marma therapy with clients and watch the magical transformation that Marma brings. Marma points balance the doshas, the chakras, the mind and increases energy flow and vitality. Who doesn’t need some of that?

Nothing has more power over the body than the mind, according to Ayurveda.
“Your problems are an illusion of the mind”  Ekhart Tolle

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