Five Ways to Affect Your Energy Positively

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“Vibrational medicine or energy healing was once dismissed as little more than “quackery”. Some western doctors may cling to such outmoded thinking, but for many doctors, energy healing is as essential a tool as a physicians stethoscope. Indeed, integrative doctors physicians routinely refer patients for energy healing to remove energetic blocks in the form of trauma, grief, loss, sexual abuse or everyday stress and fatigue. Antidepressants are no longer the immediate go to. This was certainly true in my own practice working with Dr. Tasneem Bhatia. Negative impressions collect over time in the human energy field much like a dirty attic collecting dust. Once this dust is removed, a person gains clarity, renewed vitality and can embark on a clear path to whole health. Rather than fixing symptoms, physicians, therapist, and healers are more and more often looking to address the root cause of physical symptoms. Many would say that the genesis of the ailment is always emotional: a dysfunctional marriage, unexpressed grief, the loss of a partner or pet, financial loss, work stress or children departing the home to live on their own or a child’s inability to find her own way. Emotions that have belittled or repressed can affect the body in various ways.”  Excerpt from my book ” Enough Drugs! I am a Woman and Can Heal Naturally- a practical guide to feeling your best.” Available on Amazon.

I find this to be true in my practice with women for over 20 years. I’ve witnessed that without addressing the root cause of the stress women can’t lose weight, they feel fatigue, may get headaches, overwork, overeat, and even under eat. Traumas, past and present weigh down the energy field- from taking care of an elder parent, raising young children and teenagers, loss, accidents, fatigue, a painful relationship or a divorce. After the energy session women feel unburdened, light, PEACEFUL, and grounded. Just as you clean your own home on a regular basis so it is that the energy field must be cleared and replenished on a regular basis. The energy body is not different than the physical body. To affect the physical a healer works with energy. The gifts of healers unlock the body’s healing potential.

These are five ways you can affect your energy:

1.Dancing- an effective antidote to stress and depression, dancing regulates your mood by releasing endorphins. In addition to dancing’s short term benefits for regulating our mood and emotions, it’s the long term impact of dance on memory and brain health that is garnering even more attention.
2. Practice yoga postures or qigong. By stretching with yoga postures you are connecting the mind, body and breath, bringing your awareness to the present and stimulating healing energy through the chakras. A few simple poses can make all the difference in how you feel. If you can’t get to a yoga class right now there are many classes being given on zoom or YouTube.
3.My husband and I practice this QiGong routine daily. I find this flow makes me feel balanced, light and ready for the day. Tai Chi or Qigong is all about moving energy. I particularly like this teacher and have also tried many other routines she offers on Youtube. They are usually less than 15 minutes!
4. Meditation. My healing school teacher Dr. Michael Mamas said that if you do one thing for your health and evolution , meditate. To learn about Surya Ram Meditation visit this website .  There ar many types of meditation for many different types of people. Learn more in the meditation chapter of my book!
5. Receive a long distance session with Gedalia. Read testimonials here of other women who have had profound benefits with energy healing.

It is really easy to change your vibration , mood and energy by any one of the above.   Like a fine tuned  instrument our body goes in and out of key and it is up to us to find resonance and flow. You will discover yourself anew like a flower blooming in the right season.

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