The Eye of the Hurricane- Finding Inner Calm

Welcome to my weekly blog. Glad you are here! 

Although we are not officially in hurricane season the ” eye of the hurricane” seems like an apt metaphor for how we may connect with our own inner center during these stormy times, or anytime for that matter.

Whether we are listening to news about a mass shooting, voting rights, Covid-19 deaths, vaccines, climate change, the jury of a black murderer, or sex trafficking and assaults sexually, (oh and the border), it feels like an attack on the nervous system. (At least for me, with a “Vata” type nature, sensitive, empathetic, creative, and spiritual.)  I am not the only one experiencing this bombardment of external chaos, as mental/emotional health issues are on the rise. 

The image of the “eye of a hurricane” has always intrigued me and I have written about it before. It came up again for me this week as a reminder that even in the midst of all these storms swirling around us day after day after day the eye of the storm remains “calm”.
The spiritual path is much like this. You may go out and out but returning inward at any given moment, at any given breath, or any thought for that matter, is the way back home.
And this is what I have been doing this past year; practicing being present.  

When I find myself going out I return to the following things:
1.Walking- particularly walking in nature and taking in the sunshine. I often walk even twice a day morning and evening which reminds me I am part of a greater picture and energy- one that is good, benevolent, beautiful and ever changing.
2. I love to chant. I start my morning with prayer and chanting sending loved ones blessings and even blessing the earth and the elements. It also connects me to a greater picture and energy. I start my day with a sense of calm and connection.
3. I take several deep breaths during my day and repeat ” I am safe, I am loved and I am protected”. When I remind myself of these things I feel peaceful .
4. When I get out of sorts or feel an emotional storm I become aware, stop and reflect on the things I am grateful for. I repeat to myself ” I am grateful for what I have and I am grateful for what is coming my way”. Shifting my thoughts shifts my emotions.
5. I meditate and surrender my mind to my breath finding  that I slide into a  place where there’s almost a void. After some time I become aware of my surroundings feeling refreshed and energized.
6. Getting enough protein from food is so essential for brain function as well as emotional and hormonal health. I honestly wish I knew this when I was younger.  This is so practical and often missed. Some essential proteins are: grass fed meat, wild tuna or salmon, pasture raised eggs , yogurt, legumes and nuts. About 20-30 grams per meal is ideal.

Hurricane Gordon Poster

Protecting my vibration is something I value. I hope it is something you value too. It is your birthright, your freedom, your own inner Self.

What do you do to connect with your inner calm?

Perhaps the image of the ” eye of the hurricane ” will remind you of your untethered self, one that no one or no thing can alter.

with fierce love,