To Cleanse Or Not To Cleanse

It’s Spring and the topic everywhere is “cleansing” both inside and out.
I have come across clients doing the ” clean 7″ diet which is actually not different at all from what I’ve shared both in my book and in my blogs. Ayurveda promotes “kitchari” a traditional mung bean soup, rice, vegetables and spices as a cleanse.

For some reason I am having resistance to a cleanse this year. Maybe due to Covid and the extra stress it adds. I just don’t feel like having “bland” food.
So you know my truth, and if you are feeling the same way what I’ve been doing for this ” Kapha” season is just eating lighter. Being a soup lover, chicken soup with vegetables has become a staple, quinoa burgers with sweet potatoes and other vegetables such as artichokes and asparagus, new potatoes, as well as this delicious recipe I am about to share. You can use vegetable broth to make this vegan or change up the oil to “ghee” if you like.

The nice thing about soups is you can eat soup for lunch and dinner for a couple of days and consider it a light cleanse. Breakfast maybe some berries and a plant protein shake with almond milk.

If you live in Atlanta , Cafe’ West in Buckhead offers a “soup cleanse” where you can pick up the soups already prepared. If you want a traditional Ayurvedic cleanse you may try ” Sama”, located in Buckhead, Atlanta.

Or you may want to order a “kitchari cleanse kit” making your own kitchari at home. It’s quite easy and quick cooking. Order here….

Kitchari is a cleansing soup made form split mung beans, basmati rice, vegetables, and spices for your energy type or dosha. It is easily digestible allowing your body to gently cleanse without heavy meats or other hard to digest foods like dairy.

Whatever you choose will be right for you. Listen to your body and stay light and colorful.

with fierce love,