How Color Nourishes the Body/Mind

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Color plays a big role in Ayurvedic healing. From the colors we wear, to the colors we eat, to the colors we see, Ayurveda understands that color nourishes the body/mind.
” The body’s subtle energy system mirrors the rainbow, starting from the root chakra and up to the crown, in a spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo and violet.” Excerpt from my book ” Enough Drugs! I am a Woman and Can heal Naturally- a practical guide to feeling your best.
Vata types with “sensitive nervous systems” in Ayurveda are soothed with warm golden colors such as yellow, orange and deep red. Pitta types which have more “fiery” energy do well with cool tones such as blues and lavender. Kapha types which tend toward “heaviness “can be stimulated with bright colors, particularly  purply red and bright yellow.
The art of color healing has always fascinated me.
When I went for a panchakarma cleanse in Albuquerque ” colored light therapy” was part of the healing program. You literally lie down under colored lights. Used for years in Europe, the USA has not fully validated this therapy… yet. This article explains colored light therapy in more detail. But I find the most nourishing way to absorb colored light is through looking at flowers. Flowers have mandalas inside them that are simply wonderous. Using the sense of sight to not “label’ something but to see with “awareness” by looking at the form of a flower or tree creates a whole new experience. So rather than say ” oh there are tulips” or ” those are daffodils” stop and look at the “form” and allow yourself to become absorbed in the form, not the name. By seeing with awareness you begin to expand your vision and the mind gets soothed. 
I did this today as I visited the Botanical Gardens In Atlanta. My sight became softened and healed from the many colors I absorbed. I returned nourished and more whole as I used the sense of “seeing” as a meditation. I invite you to try this and even carry it over to when you meet a person- seeing their form rather than seeing their separate parts or labeling them from the lens of our past experiences. Quite a practice.

To read more about the healing power of color visit the ” Vibrational Medicine” chapter in my book.

Stay well and enjoy the exuberance of all that is blooming!!