Spring is Kapha Season

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Spring is called ” kapha” season in Ayurvedic healing. It’s elements are “earth” and “water”. The earth is bursting with new blooms and water is beginning to thaw from the mountains due to the warmer weather. Ayurveda equates nature with the nature of our own bodies. This means Kapha season which is Spring allows us to lighten up our foods, eliminate heavy foods from the winter season, and even consider a cleanse.

The tastes; bitter, pungent and astringent compliment an Ayurvedic diet during this season of change.

Some ideal foods are:
Berries, buckwheat, cooked leafy greens, barley, green apples, vegetable soups, legumes, light meats over red meats, eliminating dairy products, warming spices such as Indian or Mexican foods, warming teas such as cumin, coriander and fennel. Avoid sour fruits such as pineapple and other sour fruits. Avoid sweet and oily foods and overloading with protein. Think light and warm!

A good breakfast for Kapha season could be buckwheat pancakes. A good lunch, vegetable lentil soup, and dinner a corn tortilla with chicken and turkey/spices. Also adding cooked vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower.

Take care not to jump right into the salad season as digestion is sensitive during the change of seasons.

Stay well!

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