A Feeling of Freedom

Dear friends,

Welcome to my weekly blog. Glad you are here.

Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

I've been contemplating the feeling of freedom, the symbolism of Passover.
In the grip of tough emotions or overwhelm, I find myself looking up at the sky and surrendering to a greater picture, a higher power, a letting go and letting G-d if you will. In these moments ( which are now lasting longer), a renewed trust, seeing the good, doing something fun, starting the day with prayer and meditation, propels my path. It seems as if after feeling the pain, there is an opening, a newness, an experience of freedom. Relative to Passover, like being freed from slavery, slavery of the mind, the conditioning, the wounds that have opened yet to have closure. I've landed.

In my book " Enough Drugs! I am a Woman and Can heal Naturally- a practical guide to feeling your best " I've outlined some practical steps to meet feelings - drug free.

Some of the steps are :
take time for meditation
use aromatherapy
take a walk in nature
make time for creativity- paint, dance, sing
focus on healthy eating
yoga poses

Yet in all this I've left out the value of being heard- talk therapy. A good listener, a professional counselor, can help us cope with stress and gain a better understanding of our situation. It's got to be the right person.

My pick for a great psychotherapist in Atlanta who I'm happy to share with you is,
Dr. Sandra Goulding.
Her contact info is -404-827-8370

( she is not my therapist nor do I receive referral fees from this as that's not allowed in my profession).

I simply want to share a delightful person with all of you who can meet you where you are if needed-
something that can add to the beneficial list of ways to meet life with awareness and strength.

Whatever holiday you are celebrating this season, may a sense of renewal for life start each day. And may you find your freedom somehow and someway in the midst of it all, whether you simply look up at the sky or reach out to a therapist or friend.

with fierce love,