Three Benefits of Tumeric Oil

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The turmeric spice has gained popularity due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
Ayurveda has used turmeric ( aka curcumin) for thousands of years as a medicine to alleviate pain and in anti aging skin remedies. It is used daily in Indian cooking.

However if you are not a cook, you may want to try the essential oil which is touted to promote “positivity” on en emotional level while calming stress. You may also diffuse turmeric oil paired with tangerine and ginger for a warming grounding effect. A few drops of each in the diffuser is recommended.

Here are some of the essential benefits of turmeric oil:
1.Combats signs of aging. High quality turmeric oil can be added to your nightime moisturizer ( one drop) as a beauty application to reduce oxidative stress to skin cells and ward off damage to the skin as a preventative measure.

2.Promotes even skin tone. Darkening of skin comes along with aging. Because  turmeric is an antioxidant it can help with blemishes and uneven skin. Don’t apply essential oils to open wounds or skin.

3. Turmeric is used in ayurvedic  medicine for coughs, allergies, nasal congestion and labored breathing. therfore it makes a great chest rub at the sign of a cough or cold. I have been using turmeric oil recently around the breast tissue with sesame oil as  a daily routine to keep the lymphatic system open.

It can also be added to a massage oil as discussed in last week’s blog.
The benefits of abhyanga or self massage are immense:
Gives better flexibility by lubricating the joints
Increases lymphatic circulation and cell rejuvenation
Helps you sleep better
Helps remove toxins from the body
 Helps tone the muscles and tissues
Softens and smoothes skin addressing fine lines and wrinkles

Whenever diffusing or inhaling essential oils I always recommend the most high quality oils which are organic, wildcrafted and therapeutic grade. Turmeric oil is not recommendef or children under 12 years old.

If you live in Atlanta you can find these at Health Unlimited on N. Druid Hills Rd or on their on line store. Natures Gifts in Tennessee is another good source.

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