Three Floral Oils for Spring

Dear friends,

Welcome to my weekly blog. Glad you are here.

This month is mental health awareness month. What do you do to enhance mental awareness?

The prospect of fresh scents in your home/office is a way to celebrate not only the spirit of the season but also to nourish your mind.

Using an essential oil diffuser with spring scented oils can enhance your mental focus and clarity as well as uplift mood and emotions.
A heightened awareness can shed light on dark spots and feelings so they can be seen, felt, and integrated.

Spring is a time of flowers blooming and filled with beautiful aromas.

These are a few floral oil absolutes that I recommend:

1.Ylang Ylang- my top favorite as it can reduce anxiety, balance hormones, and is overall uplifting and even sexy.
2. Jasmine- I love using a Jasmine roll on which I keep in my handbag. Jasmine happens to be good for mitigating anger and restlessness.
3. Geranium- ah we talked about it a few weeks ago in a blog. So comforting, so nurturing and even a drop can be added to moisturizer to brighten skin.

And then there are those that you are personally drawn to. Those are the very best!

with fierce love,