Create your Own Reality with Your Goodness

Dear Goddess women,

Welcome to my weekly blog. Glad you are here.

A few years ago I was given the idea of writing and implementing a ” Grief and Loss ” class from a “holistic” perspective. I gave this mini workshop in Atlanta many many times as well as got the class certified for CEU credits for massage therapists.  I have also trained licensed therapists to offer this class to their clients.With the onset of Covid there were no more in person classes.
I am once again drawn to offer this class and am considering giving it on line.

Grief has been devastating over the last week with innocent children being killed. These shootings continue.
When you say ” I’m heartbroken” or ” gutwrenched” that’s a real experience in our bodies. And what does that ultimately mean? Our chakras get blasted, the shock of grief can cause a person to leave their body ( energetically), our gut hurts and digestion is affected, toxic chemicals release into the body, sleep can be interupted, and stress surmounts. This takes it’s toll. Let alone the fear that can arise. There is alot of negative emotion in the collective consciousness right now but there is also an opportunity to heal ourselves more deeply in this time and look with a magnifying glass at what no longer serves our good or the good for others. It’s called taking your power back in shamanic terms.

Yes, it’s time to be strong, not weaken to fear. It’s time for the feminine to be fierce not complacent, strong not accomodating, purposefull not hide, selfish not place everyone else first. I am speaking for myself too. I remember a spiritual teacher once said something like this;  when you are climbing a tree ( meaning a spiritual path) you must decide what you will hold on to and what you will let go of. I feel this.
Grief that is unresolved in the body shows up in many ways. And this is what the class is about along with using sound and color to balance our bodies.

Grief seems to be the underlying theme of my energywork as it’s an emotion our society does not make room for. Energy needs to realign. Whether grief is past or present it still can have devasating consequences on our physiology. I see this again and again in my energy healing practice. Once the chakras get realigned, it’s like filling up a few flat tires. Energy returns, power returns and good steps ahead can take place.

Over the next few months I plan on taking steps to further share the “Holistic Approach to Grief and Loss Class through Sound and Color”. Maybe a book/guide, maybe an on line class. It’s all formulating.

So I just wanted to share what’s been stirring.

Fine the strength to create your own reality with your very own goodness. It’s time.

with fierce love,