A Framework For Ayurvedic Skin Care

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We know what is good for our skin and what is bad. The good stuff- a few pints minimum of water a day, fresh whole foods grown without pesticides, exercise, good sleep, supportive relationships, being in nature, yoga, meditation, minimizing alcohol, energy healing and importantly what you put on your skin!
The bad stuff- sugar, white flour, irregular sleep, acidic food, drinking soda, cold drinks, and snacking on junk food.

But Ayurveda provides a framework based on your “dosha” or energy type on caring for your skin.
The three doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Don’t know your dosha, No worries, reach out and lets’ have a session about it because there’s nothing more aging to a woman than wrinkles and caved in skin. Let’s be honest, none of us wnat that. But it takes right action on a daily basis like everything else.

Vata’s air element can cause dryness.
Pitta’s fire element can cause rashes, acne and rosacea ,  sunburn and redness.
Kapha’s earth element can cause oily,  greasy skin.

The principle of opposites holds true to Ayurveda.
For dryness, increase oil on the body such as sweet almond oil, sesame oil.
For Pitta add cooling applications such as aloe vera gel and cucumbers for the eye area.
For Kapha, a facial or body scrub with natural ingredients can be applied.

These variables change with the change of season however so you can adjust accordingly.

Generally Ayurveda  recommends using natural ingredients for skin moisturization like coconut milk, sesame oil, essential oils for the face.
And specific body oils for the body.

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The one thing my mother did nightly was cleanse, tone and moisturize her face. She took pride in using some of the best products of her time. Her skin was like velvet even as she aged. I am grateful to her for modeling this important practice.
Oh and her sister, my aunt Rose used a face vibrator and wow her skin was smooth as a baby’s tush! Plus she always smiled and told jokes.

with fierce love,Gedalia