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A Couple of Ways to Ground the Energy of Fall- Surrender

Dear friends,

Welcome to my weekly blog. Glad you are here. The word surrender comes to my mind as I feel into the energy of Autumn. As the leaves surrender their attachment to the trees, I ask myself " how can I better align and what do I need to let go of". I was surprised at how quickly the answers were revealed, as I was driving in my car. A sudden Aha moment, I get it now. Gosh so obvious, so sensible why didn't I get it before? Attachment maybe? A need for sure that served a purpose. Nothing went wrong just growing in soul time, in my own season, my inner knowing tells me.

This light, airy energy of the leaves falling is known in Ayurveda as the quality of " Vata". A time of dryness in the air and physiology.

Here are a couple of grounding tips to balance this vata energy in your body/mind:

1. Massage the body with sesame oil, warm preferably.( not microwaved) This ancient practice written in the Vedas promotes anti-aging, protection from the cold, immune boosting qualities, supple skin and grounding beneficial energy.
Simply start massaging with oil at the bottom of the feet and work your way up the body in gently circular motions around the joints and organs. You can shower after or not shower and leave the oil on which I did last night before bed.

2. Apply " Nasya" oil into the nose. This ancient formula applied into the nose with a nose dropper lubricates the sinuses keeping them moist during this dry time. Nasya is even said to alleviate neck pain! Simply lie down and drop 3-4 drops into your nose and sit back for about a minute to let it absorb.

3.Fill a crock pot with " root" vegetables as these directly provide the earthy grounding energy needed in the Fall. A recipe I tried today. Can't wait to come home to this warm nourishing food accompanied with either wild rice or couscous. Recipe @all recipes.com  Slow Cooker Root vegetable Terrine

with fierce love,