All Things Rose

Dear friends,

When we receive a bouquet of roses we are touched in the heart. Both the giver and receiver are gifted and uplifted. Isn’t that true?
The qualities of rose is an apt conversation for the summer as the properties of rose are – cooling, moisturizing and soothing. Yes both for the heart/emotions as well as having a nourishing effect on the skin.
For example, rose water has been used in Ayurveda to help aid respiratory congestion associated with the heavy, watery and dense nature of kapha dosha.
The rose has been used traditionally in Ayurvda for thousands of years to soothe the mind heart and emotions. It’s soothing scent along with moisturizing oils, and medicinal properties make all things rose uplifitng for the heart and the entire body. Especially helpful for grief, PMS and colds, the herbal actions of rose are pretty impressive.
Rose petals contain polyphenols that work to protect cell damage. Drinking rose tea can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cognitive diseases.
To top it off, no coincidence that the rose is associated with romance because it balances” sadhaka pitta” the subdosha in Ayurvedic terms that governs emotions and their effect on the heart. The rose enlivens inner beauty, helps the skin radiate an inner glow, and benefits all seven layers of the tissues.
Do you feel inspired?
Let’s get started with some ways to use rose in everyday life. Here is a list of some things I’ve used that I recommend:
1. Dr. Hauschka Rose Petal Face Cream
2. Rose water face spray ( can be purchased at any health foodstore or Whole Foods)- great to carry in your purse to cool off during the day or after being in the sun.
3. Anima Mundi Rose powder herbal tonic supplement)  ( love their products out of Brooklyn New York)
4. Thayers rose petal face tonic
5. ( procured by Dr. Pratima Ayurvedic doctor in NYC/ SOHO)- love that spa too!
6. Rose petals- can purchase dry @ healthunlimited Atlanta- set in a bowl into a room or in your lingerie drawer into a sachet. It is said that Cleopatra scattered rose petals when her lover Anthony visited her.
7. Rose oil @ rockymountain oils  Take one drop and mix with jojoba or coconut oil and place on the heart chakra.
8. Rose petal spread by Maharishi Ayurveda.
9. Organics of India Tulsi Rose tea

Rose is surely a divine gift from the plant world and is known as the “queen of flowers”. May they remind you of your feminine divine nature and help you to cultivate more self-love and compassion.

with fierce love,