Ayurveda-Practices for the Fall Season

Dear friends,

I realized I have not written in a few weeks. I found myself more contemplative this past month especially  for the Jewish New Year and the week after prior to Yom Kippur. To be in prayer, to be in forgiveness, to wipe the slate clean so to speak, and rejuvenate my soul is somewhat where I’ve been. This is all congruent with the falling of the leaves and it’s meaning of letting go.

Ayurveda places alot of importance on the change of a season. It is during this change that one can easily fall sick to colds, coughs and flu.

There are a few things in Ayurveda that help to keep the mind and body more grounded and strong during this very light, and expansive weather , the change of season. These are just a few :

1. Eating foods that are warming such as spiced chai, cooked apples with cinnamon and ginger, kitchari and vegetable soups help transition the body from the summer heat to the cool weather. Salads are not recommended during the Fall season as the raw food is harder to digest and is also cooling.
2.  What’s the opposite of dryness? Yes, oily. Keeping our skin oily with a sesame oil rub or ashwaganda bala oil is a great way to feel grounded. Coconut oil is too cooling but you could try sweet almond oil or jojoba oil as well. This ancient practice of self massage or abhyanga promotes healthy circulation and is anti-ageing. Simply start by rubbing oil at the bottom of the feet and work your way up the body toward the back of the neck and scalp. Shower after, leaving a light film of oil on the body as a protective layer.
3. Nasya oil is a special combination of herbs infused into sesame oil that keeps the sinuses
moist and the head clear. Simply tilt your head back and apply three to four drops into each nostril. My favorite Nasya oil comes from the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque.
4. Include an essential oil such as “vetiver” or ” vanilla” into your daily massage. Vetiver is earthy and grounding, also great for kids, while vanilla is warming and uplifting. An aromatherapy diffuser if handy this time of year as it not only smells good but helps to combat germs, viruses and bacteria.in the home or office.
5. Refresh yourself with a long distance Marma session. Through the Covid pandemic giving long distance sessions has become my new norm. You simply stay in the comfort of your own home and I send the healing your way. It’s amazing! I still marvel at the mystery of it ; it’s profound. Energy travels, intention travels and women are having fabulous results with it. No traffic, no  challenge with appt. scheduling and later hours in the day are available. I invite you to try it. Marma therapy balances the chakras, is calming and centering alleviating stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss.
Marma energy healing is somewhat like acupressure using specific points on the body to circulate energy, remove energy blocks and bring vitlaity and rejuvenation to your entire being.

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful season of Fall. I realize again and again when all else falls away only love remains. As we each discover our inner peace we WILL make a difference in the world.

with fierce love,