Ayurveda Tips and Reminders- “Sounds” good.

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What distinguishes Ayurveda’s approach to health in comparison to other holistic models is the use of the five senses for healing- seeing, touching, tasting, hearing, and smell. A person visiting an Ayurvedic practitioner will leave with recommendations such as essential oils, a healing mantra, tastes that balance or create an imbalance ( sweet, sour, bitter, pungent and astringent), yoga poses, self-massage ( abhyanga), or sounds to open the chakras.

In my upcoming book, I devote an entire chapter to “Vibrational Healing” including sound and gemstones as healing modalities. I provide many aspects of vibrational healing for you to try and experiment with so that you can reap the health benefits of these “frequency” gems.

I’d like to share an excerpt from my upcoming book entitled “Enough! I am a woman and can heal naturally. A practical and useful guide to feeling your best.”


“The pitter-patter of falling rain. The sound of a babbling brook. The crackling of burning logs. Why is it certain sounds soothe us and help us relax or fall asleep?

Of course, the opposite is also true. Nails on a blackboard. A crying baby. A high-pitched shriek. For most of us, such sounds are grating and irritating.

From firsthand experience, we grasp the power of sound to affect us. Each of us is sensitive to a person’s tone of voice and hear and feel the difference between someone barking, “Come here!” versus a hushed, sweet invitation to “Come here.”

While we experience sounds as pleasant or unpleasant, we may fail to recognize the power of sound to heal. Specific sounds, be it a gong, singing bowl, mantras, chants or music all share a vibratory quality or frequency that can heal and soothe the body and mind.”


The entire chapter offers easy and applicable information that can allow you to transform through sound and other vibrational modalities including gemstones, essential oils and color- energy “Is” the medicine. The book/guide is intended to be available before the holidays.

This past weekend our oldest son Zack visited from Baltimore. We spent our time one afternoon at the Chattahoochee Coffee Company on the Chat river in Marietta. We each rocked on an Adirondack chair overlooking the river, listening to the water rolling over the rocks, the birds singing in the background and the wind blowing the leaves on the trees. We engaged in great conversation surrounded by a picturesque atmosphere. As we walked back to the car we both noticed a quiet calm had come over us, a soothing bath for the mind and spirit. We drove home peacefully… amidst the traffic.

These are three ways you could apply sound into your day:

1. Consciously listen to music- flute, ocean waves, waterfall, dolphin sounds. It goes without saying, soothing sounds are best when not driving. On the contrary, you might listen to music to energize. In that case, dance, hip-hop, disco, salsa can get your energy moving and make the start of the day a happy one. Or if you have kids, just turning up the music after dinner can be a fun break before homework. A hip-hop, jazz class, or salsa class can transform a mundane day into an exciting one.

2. You might want to place a fountain in your home or office and consciously make time to sit and listen to the water sound over a cup of hot tea. It’s amazing how restorative just a few minutes can be especially with the busyness of the holidays coming up.

3.Join me for an upcoming sound event from the Institute of Cymatic Therapy here in Atlanta on Saturday, Nov 11th 7pm. This is what the invite says,

 John Reid will be here from the UK.  He is working with a researcher at Rutgers and has successfully imaged the sound of a healthy cell and a diseased (cancer) cell.  For those who love music (and all things digital–sound, film, and music), through Dr. Oliverio ‘s presentation, (he is a composer, creator and professor at UF’s Digital World’s Institute) we will “see music!”..sounds made visible in 4K!
Mandara Cromwell, president of ISTA will present on the Mystical side of Cymatics–the spirituality and science connection.
Ps. My good friend, a professor at UGA, was diagnosed with stage three pancreatic cancer- tumor too large to be operated on. She went for chemo while she also spent the last few months using sound healing and prayer. She recently went to back to the doctors and they were amazed that the tumor shrunk enough for her to be operated on. She is healing and is on her way to recovery. Pancreatic cancer? She is going to write a book about her experiences. She also believed with all her heart that her healing therapies could work and they did.
When the cold hits we seem to grab the comfort foods. It may be a mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, or an apple crisp- nothing wrong with that. Many of my clients avoid wheat ( including myself) and there are gluten-free options for noodles.
My favorite is the rice noodles. Annie Chun’s Rice Noodles are available at Kroeger’s market and with their quick cooking time ( like 3-4 minutes) you can easily pair them with some veggies and protein, drop into a soup broth or miso and have a quick meal.
Other options are brown rice pasta, quinoa, and lentil pasta. If you are watching carbs then only eat about two ounces.
Art events in town I highly recommend:
“Threads of Time” at Carlos Museum- fabrics and clothing from the Mayan culture, Shamans, Peruvian, and Oaxaca. Definitely take the time to read all the stories behind the clothes/fabrics, color.
Next, “Guo Pei”- SCAD art college in Atlanta ” Couture Beyond”, a premier solo exhibition of fashion designer Go Pei, the first Chinese national designer invited to join the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. The room, clothes, colors, and glitter inspire the dramatic nature of the spirit. A must see in Atlanta.
Please share this blog with your friends and family.I look forward to seeing you soon,
Gedalia Genin