Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Well summer is here and if you are in a panic about getting into a bathing suit here are some simple and effective Ayurvedic lifestyle tips that can begin fat burning immediately. Ayurveda, a life sustaining healing system over 5000 years old offers practical, sensible, body/mind approaches that are perfect for our modern day fast paced life. The word ‘simple” is the key! Who needs another food model that creates more confusion and gets counterproductive results.

Here we go; Weight Loss and Ayurveda. “I  practice it myself and it works.”

First principle:

Upon waking, drink a cup of hot water with lemon. This begins to churn the fat burning enzymes. Sipping hot water through the day continues to burn fat.

Second principle

Eat three meals a day or better yet eat your largest meal at lunchtime between 12-2pm and a light dinner between 6-7pm. Snacking between meals inhibits fat burning. The practice of eating smaller meals a few times a day for those with low blood sugar is fine til the blood sugar gets stabilized. But after that three meals is a healthy approach as they do in countries like France where no snacking takes place.

Third principle

Eat according to the seasons. This means eat the foods mother nature provides during the season where you live. For example; Spring is abundant with leafy greens, asparagus, berries, raspberries, light grains such as barley and buckwheat and is a perfect time to eat lighter and detox.By eating with the seasons you will naturally lose weight. Spring Vegetable soup is a perfect dinner with chunks of tofu and a spinach salad or asparagus frittata for lunch this time of year.

Fourth principle

Exercise moderately on a daily basis. Walking steadily for 30-45 minutes daily or 20 minutes after a meal is a good approach.

Fifth principle

Ten to fifteen minutes of meditation reduces stress levels and cortisol levels which are both causes for weight gain.

Sixth principle

Take a good probiotic or make a probiotic lassi from one tbsp of yogurt with four ounces of water and add roasted cumin seeds.This is an excellent digestive aid which is important for weight management. Drink one after a meal.It can eliminate bloating, gas, constipation.

Seventh principle

Sit down and eat meals with attention and reverance. Chewing food slowly and thoroughly is an important tool for weight loss. You eat less as you get fuller by eating more slowly. Enjoy your food and feel nourished by it’s beautiful colors.


I’m old enough to have experienced many “come and go” food models. I love the simplicity of ayurveda and am happy to share it with you.

Join me and discover how Ayurveda can help You.

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