Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Approaching grief and loss through sound and color can be quite different than the traditional psychotherapy  model. Although it all works together, I have found in my practice with women and personally that the use of color and sound has profound transformational effects on our whole being ; body/psyche and spirit.

Both color and sound correlate with the seven energy centers in the subtle body known as ‘chakras’. In this layer of our being, memories, traumas, beliefs, emotions, physical symptoms, and attitudes resonate to different frequencies. By stimulating these centers through sound and color you can gain access to your own creativity; your own freedom and your innate gifts. The free flow of energy in these centers brings health and balance to both body and mind.

Join me for a special experiential class Tuesday May 13th@7pm

                                               A Holistic Approach To Grief and Loss through Sound and Color

Location: Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine

1401 Dresden drive

Atlanta Ga 30319