Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Apple puree stock photo

Dear friends,

It’s in this particular window of time of the year that we bring a true sense of joy to eating and smelling apples. Isn’t this true?

The integrative Ayurvedic perspective of a morning ritual is to eat fruit first thing in the morning . If you are not hungry for breakfast fruit is a great way to begin the day or simply start your morning with fruit then eat breakfast soon after.

Cooked apples first thing in the morning helps to:

*enhance vitality

*enhance strength

*increase immunity and overall well being

(And increases bowel movement in the am!)

Here’s a simple crock pot recipe:

4-5 green or macintosh apples peeled or unpeeled ( you can vary apples and also use pears)

1 stick cinnamon

pinch cardamom

1/2 cup water

1/2 tsp ghee

optional: add handful raisins

Cook on low three and half hours and then enjoy!!

Many thanks to one of nature’s great gifts of this season!!

my best regards,

Gedalia Genin

Ayurvedic Health Specialist

“Specializing in transforming womens’ emotional health past and present through natural modalities”.