Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Dear friends,

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On my recent trip to Hilton Head I was reminded of something… health is a choice and “responsible health” is an awareness. For the masses of people who are eating triple machiattos for breakfast , contributing to our health crisis, I have compassion. There’s a difference between knowledge and awareness. Knowledge stays in the head, awareness has a sense of “seeing with compassion”. Until we become “aware”, meaning pausing and making a beneficial choice as opposed to a choice simply based on desire or addiction for that matter, we cannot change. Whether it’s regarding food, thoughts, emotions the same applies.

The healthy fads and choices we make today could be on the “don’t use” list tomorrow.

This is the beauty of Ayurveda. It’s lasted over 5000 years and is one of the worlds’ oldest whole body healing systems. The primary focus of Ayurveda is to live in harmony with one’s nature within and without through daily practices that promote the delicate balance between body, mind and spirit. Respecting the integrity of nature in all aspects of the word describes Ayurveda. For example; nature gives us leafy greens such as dandelion, frise, spinach and arugula in Spring- nature is supporting us to detox naturally.

Through regular meditation alone you can transform your perspective and your story . This is really true.  You actually expand your awareness so that you can move beyond the limitations of your personal story, mind and emotions. We are certainly living in a time where the lack of awareness has us suffering many consequences; from our environment, to violence , to children’s health issues, to drug and alcohol abuse and more. People are asking; what can I do? My reply is “become aware”… Awareness is “moment to moment” as Vasant Lad, reknowned Ayurvedic teacher says.

So just for today, take a “pause” wherever you are and discover the silence that is within you. It’s truly a gem.

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