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Before I begin I would like to invite you for an Ayurvedic Holiday cheer with me at Artist Atelier ( my art studio space)-800 Miami Circle Suite 200. Monday Dec 19th from 12-2pm. Please stop by for some kitchari and chai egg nog! You can color a mandala or just simply bask in the colors ,art and good company. Please rvsp gedaliahdoc@gmail.com  I hope to see you there!

Candles, Christmas, Advent, Light, BurnThis is  the season of lights. Lights everywhere both inside and outside. Christmas lights are blazing brightly and Chanukah lights will soon be lit to celebrate the miracle  that a small bit of oil lasted for eight nights in an ancient temple.

However, with days being shorter and with spending less time outdoors your inner light  may not feel so bright this time of year. In scientific terms this unsettling feeling is called SAD, seasonal affective disorder. The mayo clinic tells us that this is not something to just brush off. It’s very real and can affect your mood making you feel depressed and somewhat ” not so yourself”. http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/seasonal-affective-disorder/basics/definition/con-20021047

From an Ayurvedic  perspective, winter can be both “kapha” ( mucous producing/heaviness) and “vata” provoking ( anxiety, restlessness).Ayurveda, an integrative system of health dating back over 5000 years ( sister science to yoga) is very much about listening to the qualities of nature ( such as cold, wet, dry, rough) and allowing them to determine what may or may not be good for us that particular time of year. For example; as I mentioned above, if you are feeling “off” as many of you have said these last few weeks it could be due to several factors; traveling on an airplane for long periods of time, moving from one place to another without a daily routine, eating out of whack such as fast foods, leftovers, erratic times of day or night, or not getting enough sleep. The busyness of the holiday season can contribute to irregular daily habits.

Here are 7 helpful tips to support your health during winter:

  1. Supplement with a good quality Vit D ( 2ooo-3000mg). It will benefit your whole body. Also known as the “sunshine vitamin” Vit D is essential for calcium and mineral absorption and also helps protect the immune system. Our Vit D reserves begin to deplete this time of year without adequate light.
  2. Aim to get outside when the light is bright. Bundle up for a brisk walk or walk your dog a little longer.
  3. Use a “prism” in your home or office. You can purchase them at Phoenix and Dragon in Sandy Springs. I loved hanging them in my children’s bedrooms when they were little as the entire room reflected the colors of the rainbow. (Just sent one to my older son for his new apartment.)
  4. Make your environment colorful ( like paint a wall, get some new couch pillows) and clean out anything in the way of the light shining through your space. It’s amazing what it feels like to take a few pictures off the wall so the light  can reflect even better.
  5. Keep living plants on your home to bring the outdoors in. Amaryllis bulbs and juniper trees provide beauty and fragrance.
  6. Use your favorite gemstones ( Phoenix and Dragon) to perk up your bedroom or living space. Choose ones that make you happy when you look at them. Gemstones carry vibrational energy from the earth and have unique purposes.
  7. Try to avoid heavy foods such as too much meat, dairy, wheat,and alcohol ( a bit challenging this season).According to Ayurveda they have a”dulling” effect on the mind and emotions. Aim to include whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins such as turkey and  wild caught fish into your diet. I know it’s a “carb craving” time of year ( mac and cheese, chocolate etc). Have your cake and eat it too, moderately and with sensible balance. If you know you have some parties coming up save the alcohol for the occasion and eat smaller portions of the things you like ( a triphala after a heavy meal always works).

Reminder; meditation is like exercising. the more you do it the greater the benefits. Believe in yourself, you can do it! Within and beyond the mind, as you allow it to unravel and rest into it’s own essence is deep peace, vastness, and a place of perfect rest.


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