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Both yoga and Ayurveda stem forth from ancient texts called the Vedas. They are known as sister sciences as you can hardly do one fully without the other. Yoga is known to strengthen the physical body while Ayurveda is the healing side; both support each other.

Just as there are specific foods , herbs, and oils for each individual there are also yoga postures that will best support each of the energy types: vata( more cold), pitta( more hot) and kapha( more sluggish).

For a vata type person calm, centering and grounding poses create balance while cooling poses such as “moon salutations” will chill the hotter types and ” sun salutations” will get kapha types moving and energized.

Here are a few yoga asanas( poses) that will support the Fall season: ( which is vata in nature; cold, dry, light, windy)

These poses will help ground, stabilize and calm the body and mind.

  1. Tree Pose- This pose brings balance and stability when the environment has leaves falling and moving. Arms may be folded at the heart.


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2. Childs Pose– This pose, coiled like a child in the womb brings calm and contentment. Arms can also be down on your side.

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3. Seated forward bend– This pose offers us a chance to get down on the earth. By moving forward we compress the abdomen affecting the parasympathetic nervous system and stimulating the lymph ( our body’s cleansing mechanism) in other words, relaxation. Knees can be slightly bent for those with tight hamstrings.

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My favorite ( non- athletic type) yoga classes in Atlanta are at : Vista Yoga on La Vista, Peachtree Yoga in Sandy springs, Plum Tree Yoga in Roswell and Stillness Yoga in Marietta. Not all yoga studios are created equal.. these all have gentle and restorative ( yin yoga) classes and the instructors are great.

Ayurvedic Warming Digestive Tea

In a small pot combine fresh chunks of ginger with one tsp cumin seed, coriander seed and fennel seed in water.

Let boil for five minutes- strain and drink with honey. I recommend “neem honey” found at Whole Foods for it’s anti-inflammatory, immune benefits. Neem honey is said to be medicine in Ayurveda; good for the skin, ulcers, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

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