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                                         Spring into Spring with Kitchari

A perfect protein soup that both detoxifies the body and rebuilds . It is especially good for digestive difficulties such as gas, malabsorption of food and chronic fatigue. It is delicious and good for the whole family.

Now is a great  time to eat  kitchari for lunch , dinner or both or even go on a kitchari cleanse for three to seven days to lighten up for Spring. It’s easy to make and only takes thirty minutes.

1 cup split yellow mung beans, one cup basmati rice, one inch fresh ginger root, one tbsp ghee, one tsp tumeric, one tsp cumin, one tsp, coriander powder, one tsp mustard seeds, salt, six cups water, pinch of hing( asafoetida), chopped cilantro for garnish. Yellow squash, carrots, celery; can add greens at end during spring .

Wash beans and rice together several times. In pot heat ghee add mustard seeds, tumeric, hing, ginger, cumin, coriander powder and stir for a few minutes. Add rice and beans and stir; add water and salt, bring to boil then reduce heat cover on low for thirty minutes. Add vegetables in last fifteen minutes of cooking. Adjust water if needed. add cilantro before serving. Soup should be consistency between a thick mush to soup.

*Kitchari kits can be purchased at Atlanta Center for Holistic Medicine or ingredients at Patel Market- Lawrenceville Highway Atlanta

This type of cleansing is both healthy and safe for the nervous system and can easily be integrated into ones’ daily life. For further details on cleansing with kitchari see Gedalia for a half hour Spring Nutrition update- $50

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