Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

A Naturopath understands that there is a ‘vital energy’ flowing through  the body. When this energy is flowing freely one is free of dis-ease and mental agitation. Marma, another name for acupressure from the Indian tradition of healing Ayurveda,offers just that result…releasing obstructed energy both in body and mind; supporting the health of the functioning of the organs and clearing the mind of encumbering emotions and grief.

How can one move forward or be present with unresolved relationships, traumas that have affected one’s ability to be present? Holding grief that immobilizes other bodily functions such as digestion, elimination and hormones can be a great obstacle to health.

Like a river of energy that cannot flow freely due to large and small rocks in it’s path; in the same way the “life force’ or vital energy in the mind/body cannot flow freely and symptoms occur.

Ayurveda dates back thousands of years and has efficacy and sustainability that compliments today’s  modern medicine.

Come join me and learn how to free yourself from the obstructed rocks and allow your river of energy to flow freely!