Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Eating with the seasons is a fundamental prinayurvedic medicine atlantaciple of Ayurveda. Welcome to spring!

I’ve been enamored by the sounds of the birds and geese and the vibrant colors that are appearing. I have noticed my appetite has changed from the heavy needs of the winter to wanting lighter and more chlorophyll rich foods like dark greens and liver cleansing foods like beets. Colorful berries have been a joyful addition to my morning plate. ┬áVegetable soups have been a fun and easy dinner.Getting out to walk has also been my priority several times a week taking in sunshine, sounds, and new sights of nature.

Changing with the seasons is essential for good health.


I invite you to open up to natures gifts this season and change up your foods and variety so you are not eating the same thing throughout the entire year!