Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

sunset-pose Yoga means union of body and mind. Have you noticed at times your body is in one place and your mind in another or vice versa.

If you haven’t experienced yoga just yet now is a good time to start. With science now knowing that mind/body is same; what’s happening in body is happening in the mind and vice versa, don’t you want to have the opportunity to slow down, breathe and  feel connected and not fragmented?

So many people just focus on bodily symptoms leaving out what might be going on in their relationships, their emotions and thoughts. We cannot separate these anymore. To improve ourselves, our families , our communities we must pay attention to our lives; how we are living them, our purpose, our creativity and the beauty that is inherent within and that surrounds us. For this reason we practice Yoga and Ayurveda; to feel ultimately connected to all of life.