Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

In our modern daily lives we have been robbed of  a precious commodity known as “silence”.

The word commodity means ” a useful or valuable thing”. Isn’t this true? It is difficult to find a moment free from texts, emails, and the enticing explorations on the internet.

Silence is what nature experiences to rejuvenate itself.

Don’t you enjoy being outside under the moon light and being in the dark silence of night time? How about the ‘silence’ when you are gardening , making art? or jewelry and even cooking? or while putting your children to sleep?

With the holidays coming up, company arriving, and personal space vanishing, here are a few tips to experience “silence”:

* Listen to the sound of a bamboo flute ( pandora) to quiet the mind

*Take a walk alone

* Meditate at sunrise or before bedtime

*Simply practice dropping into your own silence even when people are talking and noise surrounds you…. it is right there, like the feeling of a snowflake falling. Drop into that space of silence gently by using your awareness. It is that subtle.

Rejuvenate yourself in  moments of silence…. they are truly precious!

Happy Thanks-giving.