Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Dear friends,
It is easy to get confused about food.  There are many “fashionable” ways to eat these days and I assure you they will come and go like all the other ones. What concerns me is that women are focused on what they are ‘not” eating. Bottom line? Feeling good, having energy and having glowy skin is one of the main goals I hear.

So let me shed some light on this subject. Returning to good practical daily habits is the first step toward better health and energy. I extract those principles for myself from Ayurveda; eating what’s in season and for the season,tuning into my body, digestion as well as hunger level, considering my time of life and day  when it comes to food and  my body’s nutritional needs . This involves” self awareness“, consciousness; not following a model of eating that is supposed to guarantee certain results. What’s the core issue? Getting in touch with one’s own body and needs.

Reminding you,it’s a time of year for good warm nourishing food.  Be sensible. Feel nourished!



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