Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

A unique anti-ageing therapy, marma has the capacity to increase clarity of perception, calm and settle the mind, and enhance vitality.

Although the immediate effects are  a relaxed state of being, Marma therapy goes deeper than one can even imagine. It’s roots in ayurveda over 5000 years, this energy healing system allows for rejuvenation on the cellular level.

What does “marma” mean?  It means ‘doorway” or entry point. By stimulating any of the 107 marma points on the body with gentle pressure, access to the nervous system, the brain, and healing chemicals are released. Marma  loosens toxins both in mind and body allowing for a renewed way of thinking and feeling. Old habits seem to melt away with marma therapy. Visit testimonials @www.gedaliahhealingarts.com

I invite you to start the New Year with marma therapy so you can feel like YOU again.

I look forward to seeing you soon..


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