Food Combining to Avoid Ama- Toxins

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If we are going to speak of “agni” as the primary focus of good health then we really must look at ” food combining” and have that in our awareness when choosing foods. According to Ayurvedic healing certain foods when combined create “ama” or toxins.
What is “agni”?- digestive fire.
In a nutshell, too much fire can cause ulcers, reflux and acidosis in the body. Too littler agni can cause constipation and sluggishness.
Our western way of eating promotes buffets where everything and anything is there; meats, various other proteins, fruit, desserts etc. etc. You are lucky if you can choose at a hot bar such as Whole foods where you can make a more conscious choice. However during Covid some of these conveniences have disappeared and may be coming back slowly so therefore I decided to share what Ayurveda says about food combining.
My teacher used to say ” your stomach is not a refrigerstor” which lends to this brief  blog about food combining.

A few tips :
Fish and yogurt
Meat and grains
Grains and fish ( except rice)
Eat fruit alone!
Fish and fruit
Mixing proteins ( ex. chicken and meat)
Lentils and fish
Drinking liquids during meals ( sipping on warm water ok)

I know this may sound a bit difficult as even when we look at a ” grain bowl’ some of these suggestions can be violated. I’m simply saying to place your awareness on this even for 80% of the time as it will give your agni a rest from the onslaught of a buffet in the stomach. It actually simplifies things.

Especially during these times when we have clear knowledge that inflammation underlies all disease including Covid, let’s be mindful.
The simpler the better.  

with fierce love,