The Root Cause

Dear friends,

Welcome to my weekly blog. Glad you are here.

I have not been as consistent with my blog over the past month. I am with our son who is having long Covid and much pain.
In this pain it has also had me look deeper and feel the pain of my own past finding the “root cause” for healing. It has been a time of reflection for me, experiencing intense feelings, prayer, meditation, walks, cooking and just ” being with ” it all. Even doing long distance healings in the midst.

It feels like a time of healing, of closure from the past, like an onion peeling off making room for something new, like a chapter closing from the past and a fresh start awaiting. In this “seeing” there has been great awareness, and insights. The intensity comes and goes as it touches upon the unmothered child I survivived. I bring myself back to the moment where being a caring and loving mother for my son is a gift and always has been, especially right now.The joy of who I’ve become and the gifts I get to share stands at the forefront at this time. This is a true healing of the past.

There is fear in the collective consciousness right now.
Take good care. Meditate , pray, remember the strength of who you are.
In those moments of self recognition it fuels the soul with its own food.

take good care, thanks for being here,

with fierce love,