A Few Tweaks towards an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

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Tuning into daily rituals, eating with the seasons,meditation, inner reflection, oils, yoga and pranayama are some of the Ayurvedic lifestyle gems.
It’s easy to be pulled in so many directions. Be it a role as a mother, wife, sister, job responsibilities etc; we each seek a balance that feels in harmony with our true nature.

Ayurveda assists us in discovering and implementing this sense of balance and harmony through first knowing our mind/body type or energy type and ultimately brings us in touch with our true nature .

Vata, Pitta and Kapha or the combination of more than one gives language to the five elements that exist within us, as in nature outside. They are Ether, Air, Fire Water, and Earth. And then each of the seasons has it’s primary ” element”. For example Spring denotes “kapha” season where there is an earthy, watery, rainy aspect of the environment that can affect us with allergies, colds and congestion. Summer has the “fiery” qualities of heat which potentially can give way to rashes, burns, and generally overheating. And further , each season mother earth provides us with optimal nutrition for that particular season.
So the art of Ayurveda isn’t just the basics of your constitution, although it’s a start, but it’s a fine tuning one’s life in harmony with nature outside using awareness and attention to your senses and the rythms and cycles of life.

As you approach Spring you might ask yourself these simple questions to maybe “tweak” some of your daily rituals toward an Ayurvedic lifestyle:

1. Am I feeling a sense of heaviness or lethargy?
If so you might consider implementing bouncing, walking an extra mile, or a 15 minute yoga practice around 4pm before dinner and evening chores. Maybe grab  a loofah to dry brush and stimulate the lymphatic system ( our body’s garbage disposal).

2. Do I wake up feeling rested?
If not you might consider implementing a night time ritual of a 9pm closeout on media, 10pm bedtime, a cup of golden milk tea- almond milk with turmeric beforehand with a couple of magnesium citrate, a spray of lavendar on your pillow and a short gratitute list.

3. Do I feel spacey or ungrounded?
You might consider implementing a daily tritual of applying oil to your body, eating meals at the same time every day. Taking small pauses during the day to breathe, gather and reconnect with yourself is rather than run on adrenaline and unconscious habits. Diffuse oils such as peppermint for clarity and focus.

4.Am I feeling sad or fearful?
Acknowledge your feelings and possibly implement prayer time, meditation ( can be one or two mintes to start), or journal your feelings. Reaching out to someone and talking helps.

5. Am I digesting my food? Do I feel gasey or bloated after I eat?
You might consider chewing your food slowly, being mindful of food combining ( last week’s blog), noticing what might have caused this reaction.
You might consider cumin, coriander, tea  or ginger tea during the day to help settle your stomach.

6. Am I doing something each day that reflects my own happiness?
Consider some art time, writing, cooking, wood working, a dance in your living room, weeding the garden, planting, and just simply “being”.
As we connecte with our inner light we do radiate that light outward to others around us.

An Ayurvedic lifestyle doesn’ mean it has to arduous or difficult as we often equate with certain models but rather a joyful dance between your life and the life around you.

I always wish you the best.

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You are so worth it!

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