I Felt The Earth Breathing

Dear friends,

Welcome to my weekly blog. Glad you are here.

As I stepped outside the other day to go on my walk suddenly  everything stood still. I was completely present; everything appeared brighter. It was like observing a movie screen. I felt the earth breathing!

This reminder of the breath during a time of personal stress and global stress had me remember this vital connection, this life giving principle, the gratitude of life itself.

A few ways I have been practicing paying attention to my breath (which I will share with you) is what Ayurveda and Yoga calls ” Pranayama”.

1. I have made time for at least five minutes a day to sit and focus on my breath using the ” So- Ham” mantra. ” So” on the in breath and “ham” on the outbreath.
This mantra which is actually the sound of the breath has been given by enlightened masters to self actualize. But if stress reduction is simply your goal, repeating it while breathing can take you deep into meditation- if you just give it a bit of time. This mantra is not religious in nature. Mantras are simply sound vibrations that elevate ones’ consciousness.

2. Deep belly breathing is also beneficial to our lungs especially during “kapha” season which is the season of Spring according to Ayurveda. Kapha season can lend toward expelling mucous and ridding of toxins making way for the new season . Spring is then optimal for a cleanse inside and out. Pranayama aids the body in detoxing on a daily basis by providing increased oxygen- Vitamin 0.

Here ‘s how you can start.  Sit quietly in a comforatble spot. Breathe in four counts in through the nose and six counts out. Seven times like the seven chakras can easily transform anxiety to being present. You may notice the inhale or exhale might be more difficult. Keep practicing.

As you observe the earth right now breathing new life at each moment, budding, flowering and expressing joy consider this phenomenon within yourself by breathing deep, letting go of the past, letting go of the future and being present with the beauty that is surrounding you. That beauty is also you.

“Each day is an opportunity to re- start”, a marriage therapist named Kevin from California once said to us. We use it regularly in our marriage.

with fierce love,