The Benefits Of Lemon Oil

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The freshness of Spring can lend to brightening your environment with diffusing essential oils. Don’t have a diffuser? Dilute a few drops of oil with a carrier oil ( sesame, coconut, almond oil) and apply to the skin as a massage oil or on the feet, chest or behind the neck.

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years both in Ayurvedic medicine, Egyptian medicine, Chinese and Tibetan healing. Although modern science does not promote the value of oils they are still used extensively in natural healing for children, and adults both on the body and diffused into one’s environment.

Just like food essential oils can be used seasonally.

One essential oil that comes to heart for this season is ” lemon” oil.
It already feels uplifting just thinking about it!

Some of it’s benefits are :
-Can fight exhaustion
-Help with depression
-Can reduce inflammation
-Can kill viruses and bacteria
-Can promote hormonal balance

The quality of the oil matters. Therapeutic grade is preferred.

I also like to use a drop or two on my countertops for freshness and cleanliness.

If you know me I am a huge fan of essential oils for many reasons. I use them in my Marma sessions with women to reduce stress, and aid in whatever issues a woman might be having.
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There’s a whole chapter devoted to arometherapy and emotional well being.

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