Four Benefits of Warm Oil Self Massage/Abhyanga

Dear friends,

It’s not only holiday season, it’s dry skin season.
It’s that time when your cuticles, bottom of the feet, back and shoulders, face, arms and the whole body seems drier. And especially now, with all the handwashing and sanitizing we do! 

The cool air outdoors, the indoor heat and perhaps not hydrating with water as much as in the summer months,
all contribute to dry and itchy skin.
In Ayurveda, the elements of ether and air, are called ” Vata”. Vata presents in our body/mind as dry skin, constipation, anxiety and fear. It is easy to disrupt a Vata type’s nervous system with overwhelm, lack of quality sleep and irregular routine.

We are currently steeped in “Vata “season with some rainy days being more “Kapha” in nature. But for the most part following Vata type rituals such as eating a warm, cooked, slightly oily diet, oiling the body to stay warm and grounded,  keeping up with daily rituals such as eating and sleeping at the same time can benefit most of us during this time of year.

A practice called “abhyanga” from Ayurveda’s wisdom of healing does even more than just hydrate the skin.
What is “abhyanga”?
It is a ” self massage with warm oil”; a practice performed before or after you shower in the morning. This ancient antiaging ritual was written in the Vedas as the most beneficial practice for immunity, glowing skin and good circulation. Why not give it a try?
To warm the oil run bottle under hot water before beginning. ( do not microwave)
This video shows you exactly how to do it;

Here are four benefits of abhyanga:
1. Massaging the body with oil is good for the nervous system. Anybody a little nervous these days? 
2. Improved sleep. Anyone need better sleep lately?
3. Anti-aging benefits- glowing skin.
4.Improved circulation and lymphatic drainage.

If by chance you don’t have time in the morning you can always apply the oil before bed but without massaging and stimulating.

What kind of oil should I use?
If you have dry skin try ” Vata” oil.
If you still feel hot even in winter, use “Pitta” oil and if you are “Kapha” type dosha use “Kapha oil”.
My favorite oil is “ashwaganda-bala”- an oil steeped with herbs to give strength and vitality.  Banyan Botanicals has taken the guesswork out.. here’s the link
http:// can order here

Some other oils that can also be helpful are:
Mahanarayan for sore muscles
Bringaraj oil- to be used on the top of head for improved sleep before bedtime
Daily Massage Oil- Good for all doshas

The gentle pressure and firmness of massage grounds Vata and brings stability. Who couldn’t use some of that right now?

Hope you embrace this ancient practice as part of your self care regimen this season. 
And the oils make great gifts for friends and family!

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