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Self Care for the Lungs Naturally

Dear friends,

Let’s explore how eastern medicine views the lungs and it’s care. Being that Covid 19 attacks the respiratory system I thought it apt to share with you some ways to support the lungs naturally.

Chinese medicine sees the lungs as the organ of sadness and grief. In Ayurveda, the lungs are the elements of “kapha” water and earth. If the water stops flowing it turns to sticky material( earth) and the lungs get clogged. In Ayurveda it all circles back to the causes of impaired digestion/immune system, and “ama” toxic build up in the body.

A few ways the lungs get imbalanced are:
Toxins in the environment, polluted air, eating cold, heavy over oily foods that will impair digestion, an overload of stress, grief, anxiety.
On the other hand, a healthy “prana” or “chi” in the lungs begets clarity of thinking, openness to new ideas, and clear communication.

I am not suggesting that any of the following recommendations cures Covid. I am merely suggesting a preventative approach to taking care of the lungs with consideration to whole health.

1.Ayurveda recommends diet and herbs to care for the lungs. One can consume freshly prepared warm food. Including ingredients such as ginger, tulsi tea, Triphla, and Pippali along with cardamom seeds consumed on a regular basis can strengthen the respiratory and immune system.
Speaking of herbs, “sitopaladi” is used in Ayurveda to keep the lungs clean and also when someone has a cough. Our Ayurvedic teacher in India had us take it every day on our trip as the cars in India have no emission control therefore people breathe toxic air. It is a powder that contains cardomam, pipplai, cinnamon and cane sugar. 1/8 tsp in warm water daily can be used as prevention if one chooses. I sent a bottle to our children to use as well. It is safe for kids over 10 years old.
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2. Breathing exercises outlined in my book are a significant way to keep the lungs healthy. If “pranayama” ( yogic breathing) is not your thing try belly breathing throughout the day for five to ten minutes at a time on an empty stomach. I find when I pay attention to my breath my thoughts begin to subside and I become more present.

Healthy lungs bring “vitality” according to Ayurveda. With these tips you will not only foster healthy lungs on a physical level but you will nurture the lungs so that they can fulfill their purpose for your entire being.

3. Marma therapy, Ayurveda’s treasured body/mind body treatment supports the detoxification pathways, lungs being included. In my experience over the last 15 years, I have witnessed clients let go of grief that had been held in the body. By clearing energy channels on a regular basis one can expect improved health and vitality. testimonials