Four Practical Tips for a Healthy Winter

If you are new to my blog, “welcome”!

It’s been a whirlwind of a winter so far with a new election, a pandemic at it’s peak, an insurrection, and now another impeachment. Whew. That’s just how it feels; a lot.
Last week I talked about the value of rest. Perhaps at this point we’ve all had a little too much rest and want to be more proactive both during winter as well as with the dawning of a New Year. I am not going to talk about diets because in my opinion they come and go. I can list them. They are in my book. Nothing wrong with them but they really don’t last in terms of integrating healthful daily habits. It’s also not in my interest to “market” health. Especially during this heightened emotional time I’m not sure curtailing calories is the most compassionate approach. That’s simply my opinion. There is no right or wrong way it’s whatever you choose.

The following are four practical self care tips that can be useful during winter and alleviate the winter blues too:

1. Keep your office and home well-lit with “full spectrum” lighting or reveal bulbs, which cast a bluish tint creating a color spectrum closer to natural sunlight. The Light Research Institute reports that full spectrum lighting improves mood, productivity, mental awareness, and Vitamin D synthesis in the body. Some researchers suggest that it’s not only a matter of getting more light, but that the most important time to get light is in the morning.  

2. Speaking of morning, Ayurveda promotes a morning routine for optimal health. Getting up around 7am in winter, drinking ginger tea or hot water with lemon is an ideal way to kindle” agni” or digestive fire. Our digestion is linked to a strong immune system and how we prepare our body in the morning is key.
Sitting for meditation or breathing exercises can follow with a few minutes of putting oil on the body and into your nose( nasya oil) before showering. For product details visit my website.

3.Stay warm and hydrated with soups, and stews. While the colder weather may make us gravitate toward heavier foods it’s Ok as our digestion may be stronger due to a constriction of our skin’s blood vessels, keeping more energy on the inside, suggests Ayurveda.
 Add Vitamin C rich foods such as oranges, dark leafy greens and Spirulina to your diet. Limit your consumption of foods with white sugar, white flour, or white rice as they increase heaviness in the body and mind.

4. Aim to keep moving! A daily brisk walk or a dance around the house are great ways to kick start endorphins and banish the winter blues. 
I mention a “rebounder” in my book and it’s also on the product page. You jump on it like a trampoline but it’s actually different because it’s more tightly wound. It burns calories, improves heart health, and strengthens bone density. All of what women need.

No matter what is going on around you or in the world you know my main focus in sharing these tips is encourage you to continue to make your self care a priority. You are worthy and of great value to yourself, your family and society so own it, live it and enjoy it! And also know “you are enough”.

with fierce love,