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The Natural Health Benefits of a Healing Garden

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“A Healing Garden provides an intimate outdoor refuge for curative reflection and activity that nurtures the soul. This assists in spiritual renewal and emotional release in order to restore happiness. Everyone can benefit from having such a space in their own yard and it’s especially beneficial for those dealing with stressful emotions, health issues or loss of a loved one,” Danna Cain, Atlanta landscape architect and Marma client.
Thanks Danna for attending the gemstone/book event  your presence inspired this week’s blog!



In an article from The University of Minnesota, “What are Healing Gardens”? it says: “According to two leaders in this field, Clare Cooper Marcus and Marni Barnes, healing comes because the gardens promote:


  1. Relief from symptoms
  2. Stress reduction
  3. Improvement in overall sense of well-being and hopefulness

Nature is fundamentally linked to our spiritual nature.

What health and healing benefits does spending time in nature offer?

  1. Nature provides an array of colors that provide light energy and healing to body/mind.
  2. Nature can reduce stress and anxiety. When in nature, we are more present and aware which, in turn, enhances the breath and circulation. We are distracted from everyday thoughts and worries, focusing on the beauty surrounding us. This reduces mental fatigue and refreshes the mind.
  3. Plants offer psychological comfort. As one researcher in this area says, “Plants take away some of the anxiety and tension of the immediate now by showing us that there are long, enduring patterns in life.” Their growth is steady and progressive, not erratic.

Add sound to your gardening experience and you’ve got almost all five senses involved which, according to Ayurveda, is key to mind/body health.

By spending time in nature, you bring joy and vitality into your being and your cells will be dancing again!

Updates & Upcoming Events

Saturday, March 3rd, 1-4 PM — Join me for Chai and a conversation at Sally B’s Skin Yummies to learn how to de-stress with essential oils. The talk is from 1:30-2 PM.  Afterwards, we will also host a raffle to win a free aromatherapy consultation! RSVP at gedaliagenin@gmail.com.

NEW 1 Hour Sessions — My services have been simplified based upon needs of clients and for scheduling purposes. I now will offer ONE HOUR sessions which will include Marma and any recommendations such as essential oils, herbs, Ayurveda, or mediation/yoga practices. This will also provide space for any conversation that might be needed. 

1 session with me is now $150. A package of 3 sessions is
$400 (you save $50) and 30 minute follow-ups are $80.

If you have an existing package, the office will honor that until completion. Thank you for your business and I look forward to continue serving you.

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Danna Cain, ASLA
Landscape Architect, Garden Designer & Contractor