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Five essential tips to bring the divine feminine into our lives

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Living in an outward driven society how do we bring the qualities of “divine feminine” into our lives?

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For most of us masculine and feminine traits have been instilled from early childhood- for example, the stigma that boys play with dirt or guns and girls play with dolls.Although some of those conditioned beliefs may have been true, “feminine” in this context does not mean female. Yoga, which is  the sister of Ayurveda teaches that within us are male/female energies known as Shiva and Shakti, Yin and Yang, Ida and Pingala. The left side of the body relates to the feminine and the right side, the masculine. The energy of “masculine” refers to qualities such as assertion, intense focus, and the “feminine” energy relates to being inward, contemplative, reflective, aware and compassionate. 

With women’s long lists of responsibilities in modern life- work, home, husband, kids, food, how can we create space to connect with the divine feminine- mother earth and her sacred energy that lives within each of us. How do we connect with the sacred place within ourselves that is connected to inner guidance, wisdom and her infinite compassion?

One way goes back to last week’s blog talking about a healing garden- whether sitting in one, creating one, or visiting one allowing the spirit of nature to move you and nourish your soul.

For me, going to the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta and seeing flowers reminds me of the newness of nature and the joy of color and wonder a garden brings. What is it for you?

” There is no doubt, at this point, many of the ills of our world come from an emphasis on the more negative aspects of masculinity that have come forth in modernity- rationally divorced from human connection, competition, a hierarchy of power over others and separation on multiple dimensions, writes Elizabeth Debold for The Huffington Post in an article entitled ” The Divine Feminine Unveiled”. The shaman, Sandra Ingerman said in one of her talks that we are living in a time where we have forgotten the whole. As each of us becomes more conscious and aware yes we can make a difference.

These are 5 tips to bring the sacred divine feminine energy into our lives:

  1. Plant seeds. Our son Zack’s friend Noah recently committed suicide- a bright, talented young man of 29- incredible street photographer in Baltimore and married only seven months. Zack sent me a lovely photo the other day of an egg crate in which he planted seeds for Spring herbs. I thought what a lovely thing to do after several weeks of experiencing intense grief and loss. It appears as if the compassion within him led him to such a sweet compassionate act-( besides raising 60k on a go fund me campaign to publish his friend’s art and help Noah’s family.) It warms my heart to have raised such a caring man.
  2. ” I find it’s helpful to create a sacred space in your home or in a backyard studio. If you don’t have a room then a closet or corner will suffice. The main thing is that it is your space, your personal sanctuary. A few basic elements you’ll want are a chair or cushion, a candle, perhaps a crystal.” Excerpt from “Enough Drugs! I Am A Woman And Can Heal Naturally- a practical guide to feeling your Male and female qulaitiesbest.”Meditation room in the garden.
  3. Walk barefoot in the sand or if you are a daily walker like me walk on the grass or earth so your body can absorb the energy from the earth.If that’s far out of your reach simply lying down and sending your breath down to your feet imagining roots spreading from the bottom of your feet into the earth. This can serve as one-minute meditation lying down using a grounding essential oil like clary sage, holy basil, nutmeg or vetiver. Visualization proves to be effective in manifesting possibilities.
  4. Take a news break.The news instills fear and the belief that the world is a bad place while being in nature reminds us of the power of divine energy always available to us.
  5. As the feminine qualities are born from darkness, from the dark womb from where we once lived-aim not to judge yourself, compare or compete with others. These masculine traits will only get you down. Use the energy of going within to discover new pathways, new inner guidance, and answers that rise up from within. ” Listen to that quiet inner voice”.

Male and female qualities keep the universe in balance- the sun vs the moon- the day vs the night both exist within each of us.


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