How Do You Find The Best In the Worst

Dear friends,
Just a reminder that Fridays, during Covid shelter in place, I am offering some kind of class, meditation, or whatever inspires me to share, on Fridays at 2pm. Previously I did this Via Zoom. However Instagram Live will be a better way to offer this. So please join me on Friday at 2pm for a surprise healing or class.
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To say we are living in challenging times is an understatement. There is stress and distress, to say the least. I find myself waking up sometimes to the thought” is this real”? and when I discover it is I must find my inner strength to get out of my cozy bed and make the best use of my time. When I realize the enormous stress of those on the front line, to those who have family members on a ventilator or to some of you staying home with small children day in and day out, I am humbled to find gratitude in the simplest of things.
Simply getting back to basics and appreciating what is returns me to what my friend Gali Kronenberg said ” moving away from the chokehold of my personal survival”. This was said in response to an article Gali sent me about someone cooking more than 8000 meals in San Francisco for the homeless. If you wish to read the Newsweek article it is on Facebook @Gali Kronenberg. He was the amazing editor of my book.

To say this pandemic is horrific is an understatement.

How can you find the best in the worst?

Here are some things that work for me and perhaps you’ve already found some things that work for you.

  1. Meditate, chant, pray, reflect. One or all of these practices allows the mind to take a break from incessant thinking, internet, and information overload and fear of the unknown. It actually can provide an opportunity to re-envision what you want and receive guidance and insight about the present. Setting up a designated time each day helps to ensure that these practices can be accomplished in one’s day. The ideal schedule or the perfect morning routine is not the goal. Simply ten minutes twice a day can suffice. I look forward to those moments when I give my mind permission to turn off and to just be.

2. Although we are asked to remain home, going out for a walk is still acceptable. My husband and I found an empty golf course where social distancing is not an issue. We’ve been walking there each day and sometimes twice a day with our masks on, just in case there are passerby’s. Getting fresh air has been a key ingredient in fostering peace of mind and spaciousness of the mind. Walking outside also has other health benefits such as improved lymphatic drainage, enlivening of the chakras, detoxification, and reducing stress. We cherish our daily walks. How about you?

3. Setting time for a creative outlet be it cooking, baking, art, is really just meant for you. It’s not about an outcome or a competition. It’s fun to google a recipe for something that you may already have in your refrigerator. Some recipe ideas are posted on my Instagram page. I recently baked thumbprint cookies, something I made for our children when they were young. It felt comforting.

  1. It’s important to make time to share your feelings with someone. Something my husband and I learned years ago in therapy has been helping now. We each give each other five minutes to talk asking the other person just to listen. No comments can be made during or after this conversation about what was said. It’s very healing to just be heard by someone else. We also continue to have zoom meetings with our children who live in other states. In fact, we spend more time together now than when we’d wait to see then in person. We all look forward to this special time.
  2. You may have noticed all the “coming together”of people that is going on in spite of all the chaos. Blessings to those who are helping our families, those helping in nursing homes, scientists trying to come up with a cure, concerts zooming together to offer song and heartfelt support, donations being made, democrats and republicans getting along , people singing on their balconies, dancing together, sending food to neighbors and emptying their refrigerator for someone else. Just thinking of someone else and picking up the phone to reach out can make another person’s day. These acts of kindness have been the best even in the worst.

What have you felt to be comforting during these times? I would love to know.

My sincere wishes to all of you that you may find glimpses of the best in the worst and that you become someone who finds the inner strength needed to overcome this crisis. Each of our vibration of love, goodness, and strength DOES affect the whole.
We can be together in our hearts.

warm regards and love,