Five Useful Things to Do At Home

Dear friends,

Well here we are, all together as one. From the previous chaos we’d been experiencing in the world; the fires, shootings,antisemitism, racism, earthquakes, and political upheaval, here we are together standing in the very same shoes. This “unprecedented” time is causing a major shift in the way human beings are living on all levels and I doubt it will be the same again .So many people and I mean so many are in the front lines of this crisis risking their lives for the rest of us and so many every day people like you and I are seeking ways to help others and to be kind. 
I’ve been reflecting on the strength it took for my grandmother to come to this country from Poland when the hope of life in America was far more than uncertain. She made it, she thrived.
I am here as a result of her strength and courage. Fear and panic was NOT her driving force .
As we each spend time at home,

Here are “Five” useful things you may want to do:

1.  Aim to cook some healthy meals with your family. We are in a You Tube world. You can learn anything from painting, cooking to language and just about any topic you may be interested in.What better time to prepare healthy meals for your family using fresh ingredients, colorful foods and plenty of protein for the immune system.
Dr. Mark Hyman just released his new book ” Food Fix” where you can find delicious, simple recipes to cook at home. I, myself post different recipes on my Gedalia Healing Arts page pretty much weekly.

2.You know how much I love essential oils.; oh, there she goes again. These incredibly delicious aromatics date back to Cleopatra where essential oils were used for embalming, for skin care, and for sacred rituals.Although there is no scientific evidence that essential oils can ward off viruses and bacteria they can certainly support the emotional body through the limbic part of the brain by inhaling them. There is science backing this phenomenon. They also help to purify the environment in which you live in or work in. NO CLAIMS HERE.

3.Meditation and prayer.
I have been following people like Carolyn Myss, medical intuitive/author who offer Live workshop[s and webinars on line as well as Sandra Ingerman, shaman for many years.  Carolyn Myss has a Facebook page with “Rosary Prayer” at this time and Sandra Ingerman has various talks and events on “The Shift” network page along with You tube.
Life from the perspective of a shaman is always holistic in nature. Sandra Ingerman has committed her life to the healing of the planet. Carolyn Myss has written many books which I’ve read over the years. One in particular that I’d like to share with you is “Anatomy of the Spirit.” 
Oh and Marianne Williamson ( former presidential candidate) has Corona Virus meditations on You Tube.They are pretty good visualizations. Speaking of visualizations, prayer and meditation can both be informal by simply sitting , connecting with your breath and imagining how you’d like to feel, surrounding yourself with colored light or with people you love. By embracing these good feeling within yourself you fill yourself up with healing energy, with self regulation, which was a topic a few blogs ago.
Take the time each day to return what is true for you deep inside.

Thinking of you all with love.
Til we see each other again,
Take GOOD care; you have the tools,